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Welcome to the Tempus Serva support page.

On this site you will find the documentation to aid you in your development of safe and flexible solutions.

Basic topics

What is Tempus Serva A graphical introduction to Tempus Serva
Interactive feature map Browse all Tempus Serva features
Stakeholder FAQ Frequently Asked Questions from potential customers
Quick start guide A get started introduction to Tempus Serva
Structure overview Solution building blocks explained
Functionality overview Main options and features
Guides and tutorials Step by step guides to developers

Technical documentation

Requirements Server hardware/software requirements and user client support
Field type reference Documentation for all data model building blocks (content types)
Policy reference Documentation for shared server configuration options
Command reference Overview of commands and main functionality
Scheduled services Scheduled services tools
Integration services System integration options including REST services
Codeunit reference Reference for common funtionality extensions
Java API version 1.0 Tempus Serva API for building new codeunits
Command line tools Tools for maintaining your UNIX platform
Server maintenence Tips for hosting TS servers
Platform metrics Size and performance for the platform
Known issues Behaviour per design, issues and system warnings

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