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The scripts require the use of Tomcat application server, primarily for EC2 instances.

The shell tools are compatible with the following distributions

  • Amazon linux
  • Amazon linux 2
  • RedHat linux
  • CentOS linux

Other versions are likely compatible if they support yum installer.

JBoss tools are currently under development (no scheduled release date).

Usage information

The Tempus Serva Linux script tools are open source (LGPL), and you are free to use and modify them however you see fit. The tools are defined by all files with the .sh or .bat extension.

As the tools themselves are subject to semiautomatic upgrades, we strongly recommend that you keep backups of files you have modified. Future versions of the scripts are not guaranteed to be compatible, with earlier versions or your own modifications.

Installing the tools

Execute the following commands from youreUNIX command line

cd /usr/bin
sudo wget -N
sudo chmod 777 tsrefreshscripts

The tools are installed into /usr/bin, and made available for all users with access to the server.

The short-hand version to install the tools is:

wget -qO - | bash

Quick Install

To quick-install the tools and setup TempusServa, run:

wget -qO - | bash

Tool reference

All script variables are controlled from a single file

tsconfiguration Variables: Paths for the installation and timezone localization


All installers will ensure that underlying depencies are installed too

  • Java
  • Tomcat
  • MySQL
  • MySQL driver
  • TrueType fonts

A check is completed before each install operation

tsinstall Installs Tempus Serva and all dependencies to /TempusServa and names databases: tslive, tstest, tsbase
tsinstallinstance [application] Installs Tempus Serva and all dependencies to [application] and names the databases [application] + postfix: live, test, base
tsquickinstall Installs Tempus Serva and all dependencies to /TempusServa, files are saved to root home folder and names databases: tslive, tstest, tsbase

Update with newer version

During an upgrade the following operations are performed

  • Tomcat server is stopped
  • Database is backed up
  • Binaries are backed up
  • New binarys are installed (TempusServa.war)
  • New base definitions are imported (xxxbase database)

Note: Remember to start the server after upgrades

tsupgrade Upgrades the /TempusServa default installation
tsupgradeinstance [application] Upgrades the application by the name [application]
tsupgradebetatest [application] Upgrades the application by the name [application] with a nightly build. The backup step is skipped, and the server is automatically started.

Note: Use in production environments at your own risc

System information

tsstatus Lists various informations
  • Memory use
  • Disk use
  • Installed applications
  • Running cron jobs
tsusageinfo [instance] Retrieves information from [instance] about user and solution names
tslogsgrep [search] Fetches information from Tomcat log files, that contains [search]
tslogstail Fetches information from Tomcat log files

Server maintanence

tsboot Performs normal boot operations
  • Ensures data drive is mounted
  • Sets time and routing configuration
  • Starts both MySQL AND Tomcat
tsstop Stops both MySQL AND Tomcat
tsstart Starts both MySQL AND Tomcat
tsrestart Stops Tomcat and starts it again (use: patch, change connection string etc)
tstomcatstop Starts Tomcat
tstomcatstart Stops Tomcat
tstomcatrestart Stops and starts Tomcat

Database access

Note the following scripts do not take care of firewalls etc.

tsmysqlremotestart Creates remote user with DB access and prints credentials to screen
tsmysqlremotestop Removes remote user and permissions

Other usefull scripts

tsbackupfull Backups the database and runtime of ALL applications
tsbackupinstance [application] Backups the database and runtime of an application named [application]
tsrefreshscripts Check for updates and installs new versions of these scripts (
tscloneinstance [source] [target] Make a complete copy of another solution (source)